ILSR and SBC to speak at Biopolymers Symposium, September 29-30, 2009

Day 1
1:40 pm, Tuesday, September 29
Jim Kleinschmit, Director of Rural Communities Program, (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)
Presentation: Making Sustainability the Standard: Sustainable Agriculture and the Bioplastics Sector

  • Real and perceived sustainability issues with current bioplastic feedstocks
  • The need for sustainable feedstocks for sustainable bioplastics
  • Sustainable agriculture opportunities for the bioplastic sector in policy and the marketplace

Day 2, Morning Plenary
9:10 AM, September 30, 2009

Speaker 1: Stanley W. Eller, Coordinator of Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative, (Institute for Local Self-Reliance*)
Presentation: New Procurement Guidelines for Biopolymers - Creating the Framework for “Sustainable” Biomaterial Products

Speaker 2: Dr. Mark Rossi, Research Director of Clean Production Action, (Clean Production Action*)
Presentation: Plastics Scorecard: Applying Life Cycle Thinking to Environmental Assessments of Plastics

*Members of the Sustainable Materials Collaborative (SBC)

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