The SBC and Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) host webinar on Purchasing Compostable Food Service Ware

DATE: Thursday, May 12, 2011
TIME: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EST)

This webinar is geared to both experienced "green" purchasers and those just getting started and will cover important aspects of a successful food service ware program from an environmental purchasing perspective, and explain how to conduct product performance testing. It will also provide detailed purchasing specifications, useful resources, and case studies. I figured this might be a good webinar for any groups you may be working with that are looking into adopting these products too.

The webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to compostable biobased food service ware
  • An overview of the importance of sustainable biomass feedstocks, toxic-free additives, and compostability
  • A description of recently created purchasing specifications (BioSpecs) for this product category
  • A summary of important certifications and other useful resources for purchasers
  • How to prepare for and conduct product performance testing for your organization’s needs
  • Successful case studies from public and private sector organizations

Speakers include:
• Brenda Platt, SBC (
• Alicia Culver, RPN (
• Susan Kinsella, Conservatree ( and RPN

For registration, visit: