Matching Biobased Products with Successful Composting

Use of biobased compostable food service ware will only make sense for institutional purchasers if there is a commercial composting facility that their program can tie into. Because each composter has individual requirements (such as composting temperatures and times), governments and other institutions need to know and understand how to integrate their food service ware procurement into a composting program that will work with its products. The Institute for Local Self-Reliance has surveyed a number of composters to document problems and lessons learned with composting biobased products such as compostable cutlery, other food service ware, and biobased plastic bags. Findings of this research will assist purchasers in identifying local opportunities for success as well as pointers on what kinds of adaptations might help a composting facility successfully integrate biobased food service ware materials. This presentation will share how institutional buyers and composting facilities can work together to ensure products are compatible with local composting operations. It will also feature the Sustainable Biomaterial Collaborative’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Specifications for Compostable Biobased Food Service Ware.

(pdf, 2.45 MB)